NETVENTUS one-stop services spans entire cloud spectrum including Cloud computing services, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, any application hosting on any platform
In today's digital age there is a constant need for secure, flexible, modular cloud based apps. Be it with cloud computing , apps and web hosting , 24x7 datacenters , hybrid cloud and numerous other cases

cloud computing web hosting
Cloud Computing services allow users to access data, applications and services over the Internet eliminating the need for upfront CAPEX infrastructure investment for on-premise servers, network and storage components. Alongwith acclerated time to market benefit, optimitized use of resources, pay per use flexibility, dynamic scaling of infrastructure , reduced opex costs, security, ability to work from anywhere.

NETVENTUS cloud computing services help enterprises migrate their existing applications to public/private/hybrid cloud platforms and provide new cloud solutions development rapidly on leading cloud platforms meeting quality and application performance requirements. With proven experience in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, we facilitate IaaS providers streamline operations by supporting implementation of Cloud services automation, orchestration and service monitoring, analytics, reporting tools. Our services encompass Architecture, Design, Development, Testing, Integration, Performance Engineering, Consulting and Cloud Automation.

App and Web hosting sevices
Hosting, managing and monitoring applications in a private, public and hybrid cloud environment
Commercial off-the-self (COTS) Software Deployment to the Cloud
High Performance computing for BigData Applications
Support and testing for large scale Web-applications
Cloud management services for AWS, Microsoft Azure or any other public cloud hosting provider
Application reengineering
Build pipelines and orchestration via Devops

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cloud Computing Services SaaS is a popular form of cloud computing that typically offers a subscription-based pricing model. Also known as web-based software, hosted software, or on-demand software, the SaaS model eliminates the need for businesses to install or manage software at a physical location, such as an office. Businesses are easily able to access software via the Internet from any device, at any time, from any location, even though the application is hosted at a central location. Some popular SaaS-based applications include Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, and Yahoo.

There are numerous new and legacy components involved for building the right and flexible unified communication and video solutions and most companies cannot afford to hire and train dedicated expertise . With our expertise, you will be able to get complete domain solutions while preventing your IT budget to baloon. We offer best-in-class platform components with capex optimized solutions for outstanding capex & opex savings, flexibility, life of products. Our solutions also leverage well-proven and widely deployed Vendor-specific and Open technologies, with separate software and hardware components for maximum flexibility. Sometimes simple and well proven solution could be all you need

NETVENTUS open, modular solutions built on datacenteric building blocks encompasses industry verticals including Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Warehouse, Hospitality, Construction, Education, BFSI, Public Transport, Safe and Smart city




MODULAR & DATACENTRIC -   Choose Hardware and/or choose FEATURE(S) across multiple domains as per requirement
FEATURES are ordered via SOFTWARE SOFTWARE pages are domain specific

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