NETVENTUS one-stop services spans entire network spectrum including Routing, Switching, VPN, MPLS , NFV, SDN, SDWAN technologies with virtual, appliance/on-premise and cloud deployments
In today's digital age there is a constant need for secure, flexible and high speed network. Be it with mobile 4G and 5G, massive data and video consumption , 24x7 internet , enterprise LAN and WAN, video based monitoring and numerous other cases.

sdn vpn mpls
Switches and Routers are the building blocks for all business communications, from data to voice and video to wireless access. Massive proliferation of server virtualization and bandwidth-intensive applications such as IP-based video requires enhanced network solutions for routing and switching technologies.

Network Virtualization (NFV) enables to adopt a software-defined approach to network management and security, speeding up provisioning while gaining visibility and control.
Virtual switching technology which simplifies management of traditionally complex spanning tree and routing architectures

SDWAN solution makes it possible to deploy a global enterprise WAN without sourcing and procuring MPLS providers around the world, offers optimized bandwidth, resiliency , business continuity with cpe and controller model, zero touch provisioning, application awareness, Dynamic Path Switching, Per-flow/packet load balancing, Unidirectional measurement and steering , FEC, network slicing

VPN enables secure remote access to your network from any endpoint device, including laptops, PDAs, and smartphones .VPN solution offers IPsec VPN or SSL VPN technology with site-to-site and remote access options, topologies including mesh, hub-spoke, authentication options including passwords, smart cards, USB tokens, Digital Certificate with Advanced PKI Technology, 2FA, Federated/External, Clientless Secure Remote Access, Access Control, Traffic policies, 3G/4G failover, UTM integrated systems.

MPLS solution offers cost-effective converged network that supports data, voice, and video traffic, end-to-end private VPN services, private routing domain , Classes of service, IP,Ethernet over MPLS, L3VPN - MPLS VPN Layer3 (with multicast), L2VPN - MPLS VPN Layer2 - point-to-point/point-to-multipoint, MPLS Traffic Engineering - point-to-point/point-to-multipoint, TDM to IP MPLS, RSVP-TE

There are numerous new and legacy components involved for building the right and flexible unified communication and video solutions and most companies cannot afford to hire and train dedicated expertise . With our expertise, you will be able to get complete domain solutions while preventing your IT budget to baloon. We offer best-in-class platform components with capex optimized solutions for outstanding capex & opex savings, flexibility, life of products. Our solutions also leverage well-proven and widely deployed Vendor-specific and Open technologies, with separate software and hardware components for maximum flexibility. Sometimes simple and well proven solution could be all you need

NETVENTUS open, modular solutions built on datacenteric building blocks encompasses industry verticals including Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Warehouse, Hospitality, Construction, Education, BFSI, Public Transport, Safe and Smart city




MODULAR & DATACENTRIC -   Choose Hardware and/or choose FEATURE(S) across multiple domains as per requirement
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