NETVENTUS one-stop services spans UC, contact center, video surveillance, video streaming, video conferencing, with virtual, appliance/on-premise and cloud deployments
In today's digital age there is a constant need for secure, flexible and high speed communications. Be it for mobile workforce, multi-branch communications, multi-channel customer engagements , overseas clients and establishments and numerous other cases.

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NETVENTUS offers superior Video surveillance with HD video cameras for industry leading Image Quality , wider angle of view coverage, Remote viewing. IPTV surveillance systems includes a number of devices—IP cameras, servers,clients and multicast technology.

NETVENTUS offers a diverse portfolio of products and features enhancing the ability to securely and reliably transport security video across an IP network encompassing technologies like Layer 2 switching , Layer 3 routing with separate IP subnets , Multi-location viewing using multicast. Intelligent, real-time software analysis of video, scalability to add cameras easily , QoS tuning for low packet loss , low jitter and Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR), convergence and interoperability with industry standards.

NETVENTUS offers flexible videoconferncing solutions for teams from 5 to 250 participants per session, BYOD with Desktops or mobiles with wide choices of client, interoperability with 3rd party conferencing servers and endpoints, scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing, continuous-presence multipoint conferencing displaying all participants, recording and streaming, ease of use like click-to-connect, low maintenace, high reliability

Streaming capabilities include Live event streaming, OTT, Streaming media capture, encoding, processing, packaging and distributing. HTTP-based live streaming (HLS) delivers faster video startup times, reduced buffering, unmatched scalability, higher-quality playback while reducing the need for complex solutions like overlay networks, custom protocols or specialized servers. Integration with WAN optimization solutions for stateless, chunked video delivery with HLS and DASH for improved video playback experience. Integration ith CDN for creating overlay networks for RTMP and other connection-oriented video streaming protocols. Secure live or on-demand video with sensitive business information with DRM management , video watermarking and video stream encryption techniques.

There are numerous new and legacy components involved for building the right and flexible unified communication and video solutions and most companies cannot afford to hire and train dedicated expertise . With our expertise, you will be able to get complete UC solutions while preventing your IT budget to baloon. We offer best-in-class platform components with capex optimized solutions for outstanding capex & opex savings, flexibility, life of products. Our solutions also leverage well-proven and widely deployed Vendor-specific and Open technologies, with separate software and hardware components for maximum flexibility. Sometimes simple and well proven solution could be all you need

NETVENTUS open, modular solutions built on datacenteric building blocks encompasses industry verticals including Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Warehouse, Hospitality, Construction, Education, BFSI, Public Transport, Safe and Smart city




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